JO Agape Women 1oz

JO Agape Women 1oz
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JO Women personal lubricants are specifically formulated for a women's sensual sensitivities. JO Women lubricants was developed for women by women and contains higher quality vegetable derived Glycerin and no animal based Glycerin which has been shown to increase the chance of yeast infection and irritation. JO Agape Lubricant for Women is uniquely formulated for women with sensitive bodies and contains no silicone, glycerin or oil. JO Agape has the same silky feel and qualities of other JO lubricants but is specifically developed for women's sensual needs. Silky smooth, never sticky or tacky formula. Agape Lubricant contains no silicone, glycerin or oil. Doctor approved and recommended. Great for daily use. Cleans up very easily with soap and water, or just water. 100% latex condom compatible and sex toy friendly. Features of personal lubricant for women. Clear color, scent free, taste free. Not waterproof. Does not perform under water. JO Agape can safely be usage with all Silicone sex toys, plus all other non-silicone toys. Latex condom compatible. Unisex lubricant. Can be used by men for masturbation, anal sex, prostate stimulation. Women for all types of sexual encounters. System JO meet your new best friend. Travel size. Discreet package. The System JO concept is all about heightening your sensual pleasures, allowing you to feel and experience things in a new fresh and exciting way. System JO products are formulated with the individual in mind, to address a variety of specific needs and tastes. They are produced with the finest available ingredients and produced under strict quality controls. System JO is sensual care provider and produces a wide variety of products to help promote, enhance and stimulate your sensual health and well being.



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