Medium Butt Plug

Medium Butt Plug
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  • Vendor catalogue no.: DJ024405
Product no.: AD5085
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Classic Butt Plug Black Medium. Satisfy your anal cravings. Don't hesitate to take this butt plug sex toy for a test ride. With its slim base, tapered head and variant shaft thickness for your utmost enjoyment, this adult toy is perfectly suited for anal play. Mother Nature herself could not have dreamed up a more suitable toy for anal masturbation. The tapered shape of this butt plug sex toy makes stimulating your prostate. A classic toy for intermediate play, Doc Johnson's 5.5 inches Butt Plug has a smooth, tear drop shape ideal for a pleasant insertion. The tapered body gives a full feeling and flared base holds the toy secure. This medium, white butt plug is the second step to becoming advanced.


WC: 122